Record Tuesday: Bird and the Bee.

Because by Bird and the Bee.

It has been a little while since I last shared a song, so when this song came on my Spotify playlist I was just so happy. Spotify is like the best thing in my life right now since I can't afford to buy music these days. My roommates will make fun of me for saying this... but I don't listen to a lot of mainstream music on my own, but living in a college town has forced me to listen to all the songs on the radio. I seriously wasn't aware of Gangnam style until September when I moved here. I feel like that's quite an accomplishment! Now, I don't think that mainstream music is necessarily bad, I just don't really get out of it what I get out of other music. It's as simple as an opinion. With that being said, I LOVE it when musicians experiment with different genres. Basically I think this song is one the best things ever. Thank you Bird and the Bee for your sick ghetto beat...


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