Story Time: Epic Fall Montage.

For those of you that live in places where it is nice outside, and when I say nice outside I mean anywhere above freezing, I envy you... but after this story you might envy me for the hilariousness that I witnessed this morning... but you will not envy me for being a part of it.

So you know those epic fall montage videos on youtube that are just too funny? Well that was my life this morning and I am not even kidding.
So this morning I am running late for my 9:00 class. Usually it takes me about 20 minutes to walk to class. Today it took me 40 minutes. Lets just say the weather conditions were less than desirable. As I walk outside this morning I think to myself "Oh look! It's raining! That means that the snow will melt and today will be above freezing!" For the past three weeks I have experienced no temperatures above freezing. Actually the temp hasn't really even gone above 20 degrees for that matter. The point is that I was very happy to be experiencing some "warmer" weather. Then I stepped into the parking lot and my feet slid out from underneath me. Luckily I was able to catch myself. Quickly I realized that all of Provo was covered in a thick sheet of ice and that even walking was terribly hard. I was doing pretty good for a little while because I was walking like a penguin. Then not even 1/4 of the way to my class I fell... and when I say that I fell, I mean that for a mili-second my entire body was in the air. Some guy asked me if I was ok and as I was trying to respond he fell as well. Guys... that was the first of many falls. I fell 6 times and probably saw at least 30 people fall. One of the times I was waiting at a cross walk and when the cross signal came on I slipped and fell and had to wait again. A lady in her car was laughing hysterically at me! At one point I have to walk down this little ramp and I was freaking out. There was nothing for me to hold onto so I started to slowly walk down. Then all of a sudden I was sliding down this ramp and my feet weren't even moving. I bonded with so  many people today. People who witnessed me fall, people who I witnessed fall, people who fell with me. I have heard that when disaster strikes people grow closer, and now that I have experienced that first hand, I get it!
Finally I got to class 20 minutes late, soaking wet, and very sore. But the best part is that I have literally been laughing about it all day. At times I will remember a moment and just bust out laughing because in fact that was the funniest morning of my life. I really wish that I would have sat don somewhere and just video taped the whole thing... but since I didn't, I found some instead. Here's a little taste of my morning:

^That guy sliding on his butt just kills me...^

^The first two scenes of this video are places that I fell.^

I am stunned that there isn't really any falling in these videos, but maybe that's because most people are a lot less clumsy than me. 


  1. that is just too funny. I'm in central NY and the weather has been hovering between -15F and 10F. Yes..I said negative! Its been insane. But yesterday afternoon and into today has been this crazy rainy/sleety nightmare in the 20's. All the snow that was on the ground has a VERY thick coat of ice on top. I didn't have to leave my house today - but my poor dogs..watching them outside has been pretty hilarious! IF I had to leave. I know I would have been on my butt, more than once! Those videos crack me up - especially the guy on his ass!!

  2. oh man falling really does bring people together. Neighbors that usually stare straight ahead and make no eye contact will come rushing to your aid or laugh when you collapse in snow or applaud if you make a wicked save. Once I managed to fall flat on my back but not spill a drop of my coffee, everyone watching me was no impressed and congratulated me.
    I can't believe you fell 6 times though, I'm glad you made it to class safely though. you're a champ.