Weekend Recap

I am a big fan of weekends. And this one was particularly good.

  • Counted my tip money from work. The summer isn't even over and I already have enough money saved up for that which I have been saving for. Awesome.
  • Went to see Brave with the family. I want to publicly thank Magic Mike for allowing me to see a very popular movie in an empty theatre on a Friday night. While I enjoyed my movie, literally every woman in the world stood in line to see Channing Tatum dance in his undies or whatever. Thank you for entertaining the masses.
  • Ate at CC's Pizza. You know that pizza thing that is basically like a flat calzone that everyone always takes before you can get any? Well there was a full one there, and  It was heaven.
  • Work. Ok.
  • So you know that movie "Moon Rise Kingdom"? Well I have pretty much been dying to see it. So my friends Bubba, Travis, Taber, and I plan to go see it. We meet for lunch and through a series of unfortunate events we missed the showing we had planned on. So we decide to go to the ghetto theater's showing that was coming up. We get there and see a sign that reads "Moonrise Kingdom is cancelled for the day". Sadness. We then went to Bubba's house where I was introduced to this:

Why are the stupidest things the funniest? I basically cannot stop laughing about this. 

  • Slept in. Yes!
  • Church. Amazing as always.
  • Chili cook off.
  • Pushing Daisy's marathon. Does anyone else love this show as much as I do? If you don't know to which show I am referring, please do yourself a favor and look it up. Then buy all the seasons (two) and watch them again and again. Then cry with me because the show was cancelled.

P.S. Skittles is really good.


  1. I'm so upset that Pushing Daisies was cancelled! That show is brilliant! I love Chuck. And Aunt Lily. And of course Ned. And Emerson and most of the time Olive. How could they have cancelled it?!?

    I like skittles too. And that fancy moneystache on your face. YES.

    My Billie

    1. I know right?! that show is the best.

  2. I LOVED Pushing Daisies. Mostly because the narration was done by Jim Dale...and the clothes...and well everything!!

    Thats awesome you have enough saved already. I'm not even closeeee to my goal.


    1. I love the narration it is so perfect. I bet you will get to your goal! I still have a little bit more saving to do, but it is so fulfilling to set a goal and get there!

  3. I loved Pushing Daisies! My sister brought the DVDs down one summer and my mom and I got really into it. We'd treat ourselves to an epsiode (or two!) each day! I am really desperate to see Brave- it looks awesome! :-)