Collections: Vintage Brooches

Before I start... I should inform you that this is a very very sad story.

A couple months before I moved up to Utah, I discovered this little secondhand store called La Tienda and if my 4 years of spanish classes served me right "La Tienda" means "the store". (I would look it up to double check, but frankly I am too upset at the moment.) At this store there were a few gems hidden within a bunch of old lady stuff, which is good for me because I love the hunt of thrifting. It's so much better when you find something amazing after searching high and low. The strangest/funniest part about this store is that the owner had installed a TV in a central location of the store and played some kind of religious tapes of preachers yelling out sermons. I am not even sure what religion it was, but I was perplexed. The entire experience was strange, but I went back several times because I could always find something to love. The last time I went before I left for Utah I found these:
To date, these are probably my favorite brooches I have ever owned. EVER! I wore them all the time because they made me feel... good. Maybe it was the fact that for the first time in my life I had a golden chair and silver spoon. I would often stare at the little chair because I almost felt like I could sit in it if I was a tiny person, but it was flat. I was once again baffled.
Then I moved to Utah and was so very excited to wear my silver spoon and golden chair brooches for my new friends to see. Then the worst thing in the entire world happened... I LOST MY GOLDEN CHAIR!!!! I was devastated. So devastated that I have not worn my silver spoon since that terrible day. I know this seems a little too dramatic, and I agree... but I can't help the fact that I fell apart over a missing chair. It was sad. That crappy webcam photo is all I have left of once was.

I am not sure if I will ever get over this. Ever.



  1. Vintage brooches= love! I have yet to find some amazing ones that I must have. -Jessica


  2. Oh man !!! what a tragedy ! i would be devastated as well you are not being overly dramatic in the slightest. there is a mental list that drives me crazy on the regular of things i have lost. we can just hope that the person who found it loves it as much as u did!!