Today I am grateful for music.

Music is a such a huge part of my life. I grew up listening to my dad tap his feet on the bedroom floor as he played his old guitar, harmonica, and sang everyday.  I was always included in these "jam sessions" as a kid. Later I picked up the guitar and started playing. Although I am not very good, playing my guitar and singing is something that I love. It has also turned into something I do with some of the greatest friends I have. Actually, this past Friday night I went to a bonfire and brought along my guitar. It was so awesome to see how truly talented everyone there is. Music brings people together. We sang songs together around the fire. It was perfect. It's not only playing music that I love, but it's listening to it too. Music warms my soul and helps me to feel. There is a certain kind of power that music has over the spoken word. I feel truly blessed to have the ability to hear, make, and feel music. I think that Record Tuesdays are my favorite post of the week.

This picture is pretty old. Back when I still had braces and long hair. I just realized that this is the only picture I have of me actually playing the guitar. I need to get on that. I really have been wanting to share that part of my life more.


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