So it is currently Sunday night and I am sitting on the couch with Courtney and Ben. My current attire is a black  1920’s flapper dress with yellow monkey PJ pants from my middle school years underneath. Why you ask?! Because we were watching our favorite show that is called Project Glee (if you haven’t watched it you should.) Why am I obsessed? Because it is sooo good. Although I have never once seen an episode of Glee, I do love Project Glee. What is Project Glee you ask? It is a competition between talented young-ins who are each busting their butts to become the next member of the Glee cast. Today’s episode almost made me cry. I thought that my favorite contender was going home. Thank goodness he didn’t. I no doubt would have balled my eyes out if my little Cameron had left. 
Here are several reasons why I love Cameron.
First of all, he is from Texas! That automatically makes him awesome. Therefore going to win.
Second, he’s an amazing singer. 
He’s got a Weezer-esque kind of style. And I love Weezer.
He can pull stuff off that no one else in the world could. He does all these sweet moves when he jams out on the guitar that give him such a cool persona.
He’s not a jerk. He has no idea how absolutely cool he is.
Anyways… The flapper dress. Courtney and I both have flapper dresses that we got for this 1920’s Murder Mystery dance that we once attended. While watching the Glee Project we noticed that they were wearing the exact same dress that Courtney had, so during a commercial break we put them on and danced around the living room. I love dancing around the living room with Courtney. We always have the best times. Ben has a great time watching us, because I am almost positive that we look completely ridiculous.
So this weekend we had a pretty good time. Since last weekend was ruined by my stupid decision to pick up trash at a county fair with a whole bunch of creepy hobo’s, I decided to make this weekend not suck.
Friday: After work Courtney, Ben, and I went to Courtney’s cousins birthday party. Best part about that was that we had way grub fajitas. I haven’t had fajitas like that in so long. No one in Utah knows how to make fajitas. This is something that I need to learn how to make. I don’t think I can go another 5 months without those babies. Afterward we had this great conversation about the Beatles with a true Beatles lover. I love Beatles conversations, there’s nothing better then sharing your favorite Beatles songs amongst other Beatles enthusiasts.
Once we left the party things got a little interesting. We decide to go to Walmart to pick up a couple things, and on the way Courtney and I began sharing stories about our younger years. Courtney told this story of how our best friend Kristy’s brother may have seen her in her underwear, if you know Kristy at all you would find this die hard funny. Suffice to say, I was laughing hysterically in the back seat of Ben’s little VW. Then I look to my right to find a man in a white car waving at me to roll down my window. We do so and this is the following conversation.
Man: “What are you laughing at? Is it me? What did I do?”
Courtney: “Oh, no we aren’t laughing at you. I just told a funny story.”
Man: “Oh! Well I want to be a in on it.”
Courtney: “OK, I just told them about a time that this guy saw me in my underwear.”
Man: bursts out laughing “Funny story!”
So we then continue down the road still laughing. Then all of a sudden this huge black truck gets really close to us. I look up at the guy who is yelling at us! He is purposely moving over into our lane to scare us. We were all very confused by this. Wouldn’t you be? He had absolutely no reason to be mad. I found this completely hilarious so I began laughing harder then I was before. This obviously upset the jerk so he speed off while yelling what I believe to have been expletives. I think he was probably jealous that Ben had two beautiful girls in his little VW, and he had absolutely no girls in his big black truck. No one likes a jerk…
 Saturday: We went for a bike ride to this little park by Ben’s house. We did a little geo-caching, a little sitting by the pond, and some photographing. We had an amazing time. I love being out in the sunshine. I am not at all looking forward to the winter, I am expecting on being depressed and sad. In Corpus we pretty much have year round sunshine, here in Utah it is not that way at all. 
Saturday evening we went to the Jordan River temple. Obviously that was amazing.
Later that night we headed over to Ben’s house to watch Rango. On the way Courtney and I were jamming to some Cake on CD. “Short Skirt Long Jacket.” That song is so good. We then discover that Courtney’s head light is out so we took my truck. Then that very song by Cake was playing on the radio! If you lived in Utah you might understand my excitement about this. I personally hate the radio. They mostly play crap. I recently found an alternative radio station that plays good stuff occasionally. I was just so happy to hear Cake I said “Wouldn’t that be so cool if Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks” (my current jam) came on the radio on the way home from Ben’s tonight?!” It totally did. I called it.
Speaking of short skirts and long jackets… Guess who I think Cake is singing about. Believe it or not, but Shaniah Twain wears that exact attire in her “Man I feel Like A Woman” music video. The mysterious strange attired woman has been revealed.

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