New Desk

Today is Monday. And I have a new cubicle desk at work. It’s 3x the size of my previous one. This excites me. I now have room to do the henious tasks that I get paid to do… Not that I didn’t have room to do these things before, there just wasn’t space for me to have any clutter. I firmly belive that a little clutter is a creative muse for those looking for a creative muse. If cleanliness and orderliness is a creative muse then a small cubicle would be great for you. Now in my opinion there is a fine line between clutter and just plain messy. When I say clutter I mean some papers scattered, pens not in the pen holder, maybe a couple empty root beer bottles, and a note pad with more doodles then actual notes. Clutter does not mean strange stains, old dirty spoons, used klenex, and crumbs from your crumbly breakfast donught scattered amongst the other things that inhabit your desk.
I am actually worried that I have too much space, there are large spaces that are void of office desk things. I just now realized that I actually don’t have much work related stuff to actually put on my desk. Tomorrow I am going to bring in some pictures and maybe a couple little items that will fill these voids…
Until then, I will spread out the few items that I do have across the entirety of my oversized desk.

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