Today, Food is not my friend.

Food is not my friend today.
I believe that I have food poisoning. Although i am not quite sure what I ate that was bad. So here i sit and write about it. No I wont go into any gory details. I don’t think I can even think about it right now. I never want to eat again though.
So I missed work today which is unfortunate because I need the hours, and I have a feeling i’ll be way behind tomorrow. I have spent my day on the couch doing absolutely nothing, but feeling sorry for myself and trying to sleep. I have come to very much dislike the basement I live in today. It’s hard to sleep when the people upstairs run around extremely loud right over head. Especially the little 4 year olds who stomp around constantly. My diet has consisted of water and a forced piece of toast. I will not eat the crackers I was given. 
I kinda think I may have been going insane last night because I remember thinking there was a bear in the closet. Maybe it was a dream. But it seemed so vivid. For the record there were growling noises. But now that I think of it the sound I heard was the engine of the truck next door. 
I also thought I saw a ghost. I believe it may have been my shadow. 
What I am trying to say is that I hardly got any sleep last night due to hallucinations, and the symptoms that come with food poisoning. 
Bright side is that I was able to watch the movie “Dan in real life” today. I’ve been wanting to see it forever. So funny. “Put it on my tab.” 
I also got to watch some Scooby Doo. I love scooby. Bad news is that i’ve been listening to the kids upstairs sing the theme song all afternoon. Vents are a very good way to eavesdrop. Cons to vents are that you hear everything…. I can currently hear Vampire Weekend. No im not even listening to my ipod. It’s coming from upstairs.
I also just heard my aunt yell out “I AM DONE!” in regards to her taxes. Im glad thats done because ive been hearing her yell about how it was taking forever all day.
I think I will try and sleep now. 

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