Watching People.

Today Courtney and I went down town and did a little vintage shopping. (Which I am proud to say that I got two amazing dresses that are gorgeous.) Any ways… So like most cities there were tons of hobos asking for cash and I said what I always say… “Sorry. I don’t have any cash.” It’s not that I don’t feel bad for them, I do. But, my opinion on the matter is that there are ways of avoiding homelessness. I wont get too much into it, but I just want to tell them to quit spending their money on booze and drugs. Shave your beard, take a bath, and get a job. We all have to work hard for our livelihood. I’ll step off my soap box for now.
So we were walking to the vintage shop and we passed this lady sitting on a little bench smoking a cigarette. There was a fold up chair with a floral pattern on the seat to her right. No one sat there because the seat was sunk in. Then another chair with a vinyl seat that was ripped and bleached by the sun. This little scene looked completely out of place. More meant for a living room then a busy sidewalk. The lady smiled and said some words that I didn’t really catch due to her deep smokers voice as we passed by. I smiled. Now, this seems hardly significant. And it is not really that significant to me either. But I liked how it gave that ordinary sidewalk a little character. Who set those chairs up? Why did they do it? Does someone and a couple friends spend their time sitting in those chairs, smoking, and having good laughs? Im just curious. I wish I had my camera so that I could inconspicuously capture that moment.
After our shopping ended and I had spent way too much money we decided to get some lunch and go to a local park and have a picnic. It is just that kind of day. Unfortunately, it is not a picnic day everyday here in Utah. This is one of the reasons I dearly miss Texas. So this park is small, most of the area was made up by a large pond. Around the pond is a side walk. We sit down and eat just as a mother and her three kids ride up on their motor scooters and strollers. They sit down and play by the water. Her daughter throws her sandal in the lake and she yells at her to get it out. Just as she bending over to get the sandal, the brother pushes her in. So funny. Then the mother calls her kid a “bum hole”. Really?! First of all what is the point of saying bum instead of butt? Because bum is a little less risque? I think not. It means the same thing. Courtney and I had a good laugh about this. 
I thoroughly enjoy watching people. But, sometimes I wonder if im that person people watch and laugh about. I wonder if i’m someones inside joke that their friends and them can bring up over and over again for years and still find it funny. I know I have those people I can laugh about forever. If I am, I only hope their day gets a little better, even if it at my expense.

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