Baby Fever.

I just want to talk about babies. Little hands. Little toes. Little smiles. 
I get emotional.
Last night a little baby came into this world. Riley Christopher Collins. Unfortunately he is in Texas and I am in Utah. How can a little chubby bald guy with no teeth make all the girls swoon? That only happens when your a baby. Girls never swoon over chubby bald men with no teeth. Sorry guys….
It’s just amazing to me how these little people grow so fast and become actual individuals.
I could go on and on…. But I wont.
So here are some new things i’ve learned about Utah.
1. Pretty much every mini van or SUV has those family stickers on the back. You know the one with the parents and all 7 kids. Plus the dog Dingo and the cat Socks. I’ve noticed that a lot of them have the Mickey Mouse hats on. 
2. Most families here have been to Disney Land.
3. There are a lot of worms. I mean tons! They go on the side walk during a rain and then shrivel up and die before they can get back to the grass.
4. Most residents aren’t as over zealous about Utah as Texans are about Texas.
5. No one knows what confetti eggs are. Courtney told Ben we were making chicharones (i believe I spelt that wrong). And Ben says “ooh that sound yummy!” Poor Ben didn’t know that you actually crack them on peoples heads.
6. People are afraid of ice cream trucks. This baffles me. 
Utah is strange.

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