Record Tuesday: Feist Edition

Today I made a decision & that decision was to start a little something called Record Tuesdays!!!! What is a Record Tuesday you so kindlyask?!? Well… It is the wonderful day of the week where I get to tell all you lovely people about the music that I love listening too! It could be my new favorite band, my current jam, a new record release, or a classic that crept it’s way back into my playlist. I have such a huge passion for music. It is one of my most favorite things in the universe…. and let me tell you… the universe is never ending. 
I thought I would start this off with one of my favorite musicians of all time. This woman has the most unique voice, she creates the most intriguing melodies, and her music is so raw that you feel it inside your bones. I know. She is that good. This woman’s name is Leslie Feist.
Have you never heard of Feist before?! Well then you must recognize this…
One Two Three Four by Feist on Grooveshark

1234 from Feist’s album The Reminder. This song was on an iPod commercial which plucked Feist from obscurity. I remember when that commercial was on air. I was sitting in my English class one day and my teacher asked the class if any one knew the singer in the ipod commercial, and sang the song. I politely raised my hand and stated… “Her name is Feist… Leslie Feist.” (I totally took the Bond approach.) I then smiled at the thought that my shy little self, who pretty much had nothing in common with anyone in any of my classes, was now that person who still didn’t have anything in common with anyone in my class, but was now somewhat cool for listening to something besides Beyonce or whatever. Try going to a school where 90% of the people only enjoy mainstream everything. Can we please get a little variety up in here?! Anyways…
I seriously thought that Feist had set the bar awfully high with her first two albums and when I heard she was coming out with a third I was extremely worried that it would not measure up. Boywas I wrong. I preordered Metals and seriously was counting down the days until it would come. When it did I put it in turned the volume way up, turned out the lights, and layed on the couch and just listened. It was magical.
I wondered why it took her so long to put out another album, so I did a little research… This is what I discovered:
 I read an article about her hiatus from music. The woman seriously did not touch her guitar for a year! What amazes me about that is that after a year away from music she comes back and creates this record that is just so well made, and has such soul, and power. I also read that once she got all the attention and fame from 1234 she kinda felt like she was just going through the motions. She needed to step away from it to find her passion again.
I think she found that passion because you cannot listen to Metals without hearing her heart and soul. One thing I love about Feist is that she is not in it for the fame, she wants success, but not fame. I always feel that musicians loose the passion when their goal is fame. 
These are my favorite songs on the record… (but to be clear.. pretty much all of my songs are my favorite…)
How Come You Never Go There.
How Come You Never Go There by Feist on Grooveshark


Graveyard by Feist on Grooveshark

Comfort Me. 
Comfort Me by Feist on Grooveshark

I give this album an A+! I highly suggest investing in this album.
*These are my opinions & I do not expect anyone to agree with me.*

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