Today I Almost Killed Myself...

When someone says “Today I almost killed myself!” you automatically think about near car crashes, j-walking incidents, and fires (like car fires, or house fires, or stove fires that escalate into house fires). OH CRAP! Did I leave my curling iron on?! One never thinks of a mental lapse that almost results in a year of hospitalization or death. I will say that thanks to some quick thinking I was able to stop myself from doing the deed. Now that I have somewhat explained what happened you may be thinking I tried to commit suicide. NO! That did not happen! I was in no way trying to kill myself. In turn… I truly believed for a split second that I had magical powers. 
Ok. I’ll just explain…
So at work I often walk up and down the stairs to deliver mail, messages, and to go to the clean bathroom (the downstairs bathroom is sick…). Today as I was upstairs and needed to return to my desk down stairs. As I approached top of the stairs my body began moving at a very fast pace. As I came within five feet of the stairs I prepared myself to jump. Yes. I actually believed that I could fly down the stairs and to my desk. Oh what a magical thing that would have been if I was actually able to fly instead of tread up and down the stairs all day. You may be wondering if I actually did jump. The answer is thankfully no. I stopped myself just in time. I then stood at the top of the stairs and looked down. I could not believe what just had happened. I then slowly walked down the stairs and returned to my desk. 
You know how when people ask you what super power you would love to have and when you respond by saying that you wish you could fly and that person makes fun of you for being unoriginal? Well that person can just enjoy his little mind games or invisibility. I will be soaring the skies. Imagine all the many possibilities! No traffic, no paying for gas, no crowded hallways, no shoes (you don’t need shoes if you never walk!), etc… Plus if there is a world where you can fly or have invisibility or read peoples minds, then I am 100 percent sure that one could find a cloak of invisibility that also allows you to read minds… Thus, you could fly and read minds and be invisible. One may respond to that statement by saying that if there was a cloak like that then they are 100 percent sure that in that world there would be a hat of some sort that would allow them to fly. I say nay. No one wears a hat when they fly. It would fall off because of the enormous speeds that one would be going if flying. Then a cape that person would say. I would again say nay. Capes are similar to cloaks and cloaks are only for people who can fly with their own magical abilities. Then that person would say a ring. I would be stumped briefly… A ring is quite clever. I would then respond by saying. I would much rather have the magical abilities to fly without such thing as a ring because if I lost the ring then I would not be able to fly, & if that ring were to get into the hands of the wrong person the world would surely end. These are the things that haunt me.
All I am saying is that flying is my choice of super power. I will stand by that statement forever. 
And one more thing… Courtney & I are making hair bows (pictured bellow) in preparation for the Christmas Boutique in December! They are not up on theEtsy shop yet… but if you would like one of these beauties then please let me know & I could definitely hook you up… with a bow that is.


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