New Semester

I cannot believe that the summer is over. It went by way to fast. I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Ok, I don’t just feel that way. I kinda didn’t. The wedding took up most of my time. I wish that I had had more time to relax after the chaos that occurred this past weekend. I will admit that I was a little excited for school to start. Mostly because of my World Civilization and drawing class. The strange thing is that I hardly did any preparation. Normally I would have been ready days ahead of time, but I had to rush the night before. 
But today turned out pretty good. I only had my World Civ. and drawing today, tomorrow I have three classes; all of which I am dreading. So much so that I can’t even remember what they are… 
Although I firmly believe that I was not ready to be back in school, it did feel good to be in the SLC again. I just wish I could spend my entire college career there. I don’t want to give up my small classes, and close parking spot to the crowded Provo campus.
Today I wore my all time favorite eye glass clip. I think this may have been the first one I ever made. This is a clipping from Seventeen Magazine from 1965 I believe. I wish that Seventeen Magazine was like it used to be…. It is so amazing. All the illustrations, ads, and styles. I don’t remember what this illustration was advertising, but I thought it was appropriate for the first day back to school. I call it “Read some books, gain some knowledge.” 
If you are wondering about this creation… I must tell you that it is an eye glass lens that I got from a thrift store that I made into a hair clip. I am still working on perfecting these things, and someday I hope to sell these in my Etsy shop, but I just don’t think they are ready yet…
Well, I must hit the sack. I’ve got school tomorrow… 8|

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