Memorial Weekend.

Here are several photographs to illustrate our Memorial day weekend adventures. We did tons of sight seeing, and I took tons of pictures. I turned into my father who I always laughed at for pulling over all the time to take pictures, and getting excited about junk (that term is literal) and taking pictures of it. I basically had my camera around my neck all weekend.
We headed up to Moroni and stayed with Ben’s family, did a little rock band (well tried to…), then a little geo-cashing, and then took some extremely long scenic routes through the mountains driving on tiny switchback roads only to find out that we could not go any farther because the snow had not melted off the road yet. But it was all worth it. Standing on a mountain and looking out over the valley to the neighboring mountains could never get old to me. There is just so much to see. I have fallen in love with the mountains. Sorry Corpus… your beaches cannot beat the views I was blessed to see this weekend. 
I absolutely love traveling. Getting to experience new things. It is not just the place your going, but the road traveled as well. I hardly ever get bored riding in the car. You are probably wondering how…
Here are a few suggestions to keeping your car ride interesting.
1. Listen to your favorite jams. Today mine included Rooney, and Vampire Weekend. I just needed something that would keep me and Courtney (the driver) awake. 
2. Playing car games such as the license plate game, or Would You Rather.
3. Stopping often. If you see a place that catches your eye, don’t just drive on by it. Stop and see what it is. If it is not that cool then just get back in the car and keep going, but if it is cool stay a while and explore. Some of the most amazing things are in between you and your destination.
4. My personal favorite (don’t judge). I like to look out the window at the scenery passing by and imagine myself out there doing extraordinary things. While driving through these wide valleys I imagined myself as a cowgirl being chased by bandits. I sat backwards on my horse, dogged bullets, and sent some flying. Once the gun smoke cleared I discovered that I had came out victorious over all 88 of them bandits. I then stopped at the nearest saloon, walked in through the swinging doors, and ordered me a Sasperilla. Calamity Carli was my name. 
If that is too extreme as a pass time for you then you might as well be bored. 
Don’t get so caught up in moving from point A to point B that you don’t see what your passing by. Sometimes what you overlook could be much better then you destination.
Thats all for now,
   Calamity Carli.

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