My Business Partner's Rings.

Today was an eventful day. After keeping my mouth shut (well sort of) for several weeks I can finally announce to the world that my best friend Courtney is engaged. ENGAGED! Crazy. He proposed at roughly 4pm at Marie Calendars. A will you marry me pie in the display case and a pearl engagement ring did the trick. Cute stuff. I am to be the Maid of Honor which is my dream. But then I also kind of worry if I will do a good job at helping plan the biggest day of my best friends life. I worry that I will be the right hand lady to a bridezilla. Scary thought. No offense Courtney… but it is possible for every bride to break out with a wrath similar to Godzilla. 
After all the excitement wore down a bit, Courtney, Ben, and I went out to Touole (I am 100% sure I misspelt that). I took their engagement pictures on this big rock by the Salt Lake and then at this really cool abandoned building and an old train car. I know what your thinking… They got engaged today and they already got engagement pictures? Well that is because I have been itching to take some portraits and this was a great opportunity. 
I also have some more good news! Courtney and I now have our Etsy business up and running. The name is Hello Wallflower. According to urban dictionary a wallflower is a type of loner, seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. Often some of the most interesting people. Basically what we are trying to say is that everyone is unique and deserves to be noticed. “Hello, Wallflower. I noticed you.” 
The moral of today… If you never take a chance, you will never fly. If you always hide behind the punch table, you will never know what it feels like to dance. Go take a chance.

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