Etsy Listing Of The Day.

I have a slight obsession with scouring the Etsy website in my biology class. Instead of learning about prokaryotes (whatever that is) I discover things like this ( put your mouse on the blog post title and push down on the left side button to view this piece of work). 
A faux taxidermy deer head with red lights as the antlers!? Pay close attention to the description… “Have you ever wondered how deer see in the dark?” Obviously every deer has red lights on their antlers. My question is “Is this deer a relative to Rudolph? and whats his story.” Did none of the other reindeer let him play their reindeer games? Did he save Christmas too? Is two red lights just too much to love?
So while looking at this listing I wondered who would hang this on their wall and what would be the reasons. I will try my best to come up with legit reasons for this.
1. A person who likes animal heads on their walls but doesn’t believe in killing animals for decorations might like this.
2. The above mentioned person would have to be tired of sitting in the dark of course. 
3. They might want it in their house to make their home unique. 
Ok so I didn’t do a very good job of listing reasons. 
Pros: Deer is semi cute. His slight smile makes him more appealing.
Cons: Might offend other reindeers. 
I do not mean to offend faux taxidermy deer head with antler lights lovers. I don’t really know what my purpose is… but it is not to offend people for sure. 
I actually like the Caribbean Blue Faux Taxidermy Moose. I just don’t know how I would feel if that moose had lights coming out his ears. 
Thats all.

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