Easter & the Weekend.

The weekend was glorious. It was nice to not have to think about school, finals, essays and moving for a little while. Friday night I went to a bachlorette party at Spark, my favorite place, and had way too many mocktails. I decided that if I was a drinker I would be in big trouble because... I. Like. Fancy. Drinks.

I look completely crazy in this picture.. Partly because it was taken on a phone, partly because the lighting was really low, and partly because I was the only one to actually dress up really fancy and wear lots of jewelry and make up (I don't normally wear crazy make up... but I thought that a bachlorette party was a good occasion). I went for the granny glam look. Also that Shirley Temple with the cotton candy  was divine.

Saturday I went to an "almost" pool party. The apartment complex told our group of 10 that we weren't allowed in the pool... Besides the fact that I didn't get to wear my new swim suit... playing card games on the living room floor was fun too. On Sunday after church, Courtney came over. We had an easter bucket hunt in my living room. Mine was in the suitcase, Courtney's was in the oven, and Ashley's was behind the furnace. Once we found our buckets we pigged out on the huge amounts of candy that we each got. I swear that my bucket weighed at least 4 pounds... We did the same thing last year and it was just as fun! The crazy part is that I still have candy left over from last year! It's not even the bad candy, its all candy that I love, but I never ate it... I also still have a package of peeps left over which is also very crazy because... I. Love. Peeps. I saved them so that we could have peep roasting party, but somehow that idea got lost amongst the busyness of the year. Maybe someday we will get to it. 

The coming two and half weeks will be crazy, but hopefully after that I can focus more on the blog! I have a lot of really awesome things planned & I might be getting a blogging buddy very soon!


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