Via My Phone.

This week has been slightly on the ridiculous side. The school semester is wrapping up… Only two more weeks!!! YES! But while the end of the semester is glorious, the weeks leading up to the end are terrible. Yes. Very terrible. 
Also, I finally decided that I was very tired of my cell phone service. I get no reception at my house whatsoever, hardly get any reception in my front yard, and not a lot of reception in the city. I am just annoyed. So last week I sent this hateful email to my service provider. Long story short… They made me take my phone in to get it “fixed”… It wasn’t broken. According to their computers my phone is working “good” I live in a “good” coverage area and I “shouldn’t” have problems… except that I do. Yesterday I was literally about to find the tallest building in Salt Lake and throw my phone off of it. Also when they were “fixing” my phone, they reset it and deleted EVERYTHING downloaded a billion dating apps. Apparently they think that I need to “meet singles” via “flirt text”. I don’t think so…
Also, Instagram finally came out for android. I had been waiting for this to happen for, well, a very long time. I spent over two hours updating my phone and connecting it to google play so that i could download it. Then it tells me that my phone is not compatible. I was so mad that I again almost threw my phone off a building. 
So after that ordeal I decided to download a camera app to at least partly fill the void… 

Alley in downtown SLC.

The 20 pounds worth of books I checked out at the library for my research paper.

The trax station that I walked to from the library carrying 20 pounds of books because the station next to the library’s trains were running late and I thought I could get here faster, except I got lost and then ended up waiting forever for the train at this one too. 

It’s Spring! I took this picture on wednesday and I hear that it is snowing outside today… I live in a basement so I don’t know.

Chocolate milk. Yum.

Package art. Customer order.
This week wasn’t totally bogus. There were a few sweet treasures along the way. Like those flowers. 
How was your week?

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