Coconut Records Tuesday.

Today for Record Tuesday I would like to talk about one of my all time favorite musicians. You’ve probably seen this guy on the big screen. You’ve probably noticed how extremely well he can grow a mustache. You’ve probably heard that he was a drummer in a band that broke up… and you probably even got that reference that I just made. OK I’ll just say it. The gentleman who I am referring too is named Jason Schwartzman & he is the one man band Coconut Records. I once saw this interview of Jason talking about the name of his band and he said something to the effect that he named his band Coconut Records because coconuts make him happy and remind him of sunshine. How completely awesome is that?!?
I mean the guy is talented & incredibly handsome. I can’t even…

He created his first record Nighttimingjust for fun. He had no intentions of actually putting it out there for people to hear, but I am so very glad that he did, because I feel like I would have had this void in the place in my heart that I keep the music that I love. It was made for the sole purpose of a little expirimental fun. He wrote songs for all different kinds of genres. A little disco, some rock, a smidgen of country… Let me say. It is fantastic.
I was introduced to CR by one of my most bestest friends Kaitlyn. Nighttiming’s title track then became one of the many theme songs to our friendship. I have such fond memories of us “nighttiming” in downtown CC or Austin. The only two things that made those nights amazing were the fact that we were together, and that we were listening to this song. 
Nighttiming by Coconut Records on Grooveshark
Not only is Jason a boss musician and actor… he is a complete genius. Before the release of his first record he took tons of Polaroid pictures and put them in each album. Every person that pre-ordered his record got a one of a kind Jason Schwartzman original Polaroid picture. Either he took them of his lovely wife, his dog, his shoes, a bench…. or some one took them of him doing things only J-Schwartz could get away with. Look bellow and behold the awesomeness…

(look at that little baby face…)
I kick myself everyday for not having one of those…

So if you have never heard of Mr. Schwartzman you may be familiar with Phantom Planet in which he was a drummer in the band in their early stuff. (way good) He then left the band to pursue his acting career.
& if you are unfamiliar with Coconut Records you want to start with the following:
Microphone by Coconut Records on Grooveshark
You will then feel your heart fill with joy. You will then buy all his music. You will then lay on your floor in the dark with a huge smile on your face as CR blasts through your house and upsets all the other inhabitants until they discover the amazingness that is resonating from your speakers. Then you will pray that he releases another record soon. Very soon. 
Happy Record Tuesday.

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