100% Snow...

It is just one of those days where you find out that there is a 100% chance of snow tonight and everything goes downhill from there. I mean come on… 100% chance? The weather man is so sure that he is risking his career on it! I have never ever heard of a 100% chance of anything weather related! 
After my depression about the snow that will be dropping on absolutely everything that I like not being covered with snow; I decided to check my bank account. To my horror I saw that I had apparently spent over 400 dollars yesterday. Either someone stole my credit card info and bought a small boat, or I sleep walked to the store and bought a small boat. I realize that whatever happened a small boat was probably the least likely thing that could have been purchased… But I also know that me spending over 400 dollars in my sleep was the least likely. Oh the irony… So the only possible thing could have been someone stealing my credit card info and buying a boat, or maybe a safe to put all the money they steal in, or maybe a pure bread dog, or maybe cat skin boots, or maybe they just blew it on cheese balls. I would rather they had boughten something important… So as every one in the world would be… I completely freaked out! I even left work 5 minutes early which I never do! I always wait until 5:00 exactly. So I go to the bank and talk to this handsome banker who was so very kind to inform me that my identity had NOT been stolen. *huge sigh of relief* Some freak accident apparently happened. All will be well on Monday when I can talk to the person who made the mistake. So until then I have like 10 bucks. There goes my weekend plans… 
Thats not even the end of the horribleness of a story that I am telling you lovely people who so kindly read my blog. You are probably thinking “How could her day get any worse?!” The next event that I am about to tell you about is not all that bad… but it just added to my already stressed and pretty mad self. 
So after the bank I go to my local pharmacy to pick up a prescription. The lady then tells me that they tried to bill my insurance but those idiot people that I my parents pay to cover my health stuff told the pharmacy technician that my insurance card was expired. That is a bunch of BS. I have a theory. They just don’t want to pay my $400 prescription! So I call my mom to get the information off her insurance card only to get no answer. Then I call again and it is busy. Then I call like 50 more times and it is still busy. So I leave the store defeated. “I will pick up the dang prescription tomorrow” I say to myself. As I get into my car I decided to try calling one more time. Still busy. I then try 50 more times and still busy. When I get home I try one more time and it rings. “YES!” I exclaim. You will not believe what happens next. NO ONE ANSWERS! I am ashamed to admit that I let out 3 obscenities. I cannot even remember the last time I said that awful word that I screamed in the safety of my car… I then apologized, then laughed at myself, and then almost cried. I finally talked to my dad (my mom is in Houston!?!) I mean really. Where is she when you need her… 
So that was the day that I had. Or evening I should say. And I was going to buy some dang hot chocolate from the store because nothing makes me feel better like hot coco on a snowy day. But I forgot. How do you forget that?
Happy Friday.

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