West Coast. Best Coast.

Wow. I am literally the worst blogger ever. Besides the fact that I haven't posted in a million years, the last several times I have posted I have promised to blog more often and I haven't. Obviously this isn't my thing anymore.... Regardless, I have a lot that I would like to share with you. No promises though.

In June I got to go to California for the very first time. A friend was getting married so I spent a week having adventures with friends that I havent seen in what feels like ages while Jess and Keenan were on their honeymoon. Not only was it amazing to get to spend some much needed time with my besties, but it was awesome to get the California grand tour from some true Cali-lovers. 

First stop, Disneyland.
Disneyland was everything I have ever dreamed of and more. 

It wouldn't be Hollywood without some celebrity sightings. We briefly saw J-Lo and Juno Temple.
 Cupcake ATM.... Yes please.
  Los Angeles LDS Temple. What a beauty.

 Sorry Gulf of Mexico... You dont even begin to compare. (and I can't believe I just said that because I am Texan.)
 and then Solvang.
Aebleskivers. Even better than expected.
French waffels in there. Yum.
 Basically all we did was go from treat shop to treat shop getting all of the best food in town.

Basically it was the best week. I had the time of my life. Thanks Kaity, Andy, Andrew, and Buffy for giving me a wonderful week. Let's do it again soon yeah?


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