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So I am going to be doing a little bit of catching up for the next little while. Not that I have done anything extraordinary in the past few months, but all those little moments that have occurred mean an awful lot me.
Preface: I began the year by starting a 365 day photo challenge. The goal was to instagram a picture a day for the entire year, but this week I stopped. I am surprised I made it 118 days and only cheated like 3 times! Although I really would have liked to finish, I don't feel bad about quitting. You know that song Mushaboom by Feist? Well my favorite lyric in the song is "Collect the moments one by one. I guess thats how the future is done." I feel like that was my goal, and I think that it was accomplished. So here are a few little moments that I have collected this year thus far:
<Honorable mentions>
1-3: Painting parties with a couple of my roommates (John is our 7th roommate).
2-2: Tabby went ice skating for the very first time!
3-3: It seems as though Macey's was the only place we ever went when we were bored.
<More Honorable Mentions>
1-1: I love Space Jam
1-2: That one night that we went in search of a frozen lake to walk on and ended up having a snowball fight in a random parking lot.
2-3: Chad, Steve, and John did the Sensuous Sandwich Challenge. I still can't believe they ate a two foot sandwich in under a half hour (see 3-1).
3-3: I made a ton of curried chicken this year. :)


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