Hello Again.

Well, it has been a million years since I have posted anything on this little blog of mine. That actually makes me really sad because I have a lot that I would have liked to share about the past 3 months of my life. Actually there is a lot I would have liked to share from the past 9 months of my life that I never got around to sharing. I have discovered that keeping up with a blog and keeping up with my studies is a hard thing. Not that I am good at keeping up with my studies when I am not blogging...
 I feel like my life has been in fast forward. So much has happened in the past year that I can't even begin to tell you all about it.
Since it is finally the summer I decided to try this blogging thing out again. Although, this time I am going to do it a little bit differently. Instead of obsessing over views and followers, content, pictures, and design; I am going to use this space to record anything that I see fit. I am not going to spend hours of my time creating a DIY post or give my blog a facelift every month. My life is changing so much right now that making the commitment to grow a blog just isn't realistic. I can count on one hand how many people actually check my blog regularly that I know of (thanks mom). This used to really upset me, but I honestly don't even care anymore. This space is now going to be a place for me to record my crazy life. I sometimes go back and look at all my old posts and it makes me happy to see how far I have come and to just reminisce a little bit. There is nothing like a little nostalgia, am I right? I'd really like to continue that. So here it goes!


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  1. You better blog this summer, so I know what the heck you're up to!