-> Snow on campus is so pretty.
-> Since Tabby and I always take car photos in her car, we had to do one in mine.
-> Can I just move into IKEA? Please?
-> I love that place.
 -> I fell in love with this mirror display.
-> This cute...I can't even.
-> Heaven.
-> Now & later.
 -> Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how beautiful where I live really is.
-> Mens volleyball game. So good.
-> I made valentines day decorations!
-> I love Taberita.
 -> Little ice cream cup and chocolate milk. Brings me back to elementary school.
-> Finally got around to painting my nails.
-> Attempted to recreate Ruby Snap's carrot curry coconut cookie. Not even close... but still good.
-> Hannah and I love curry. A lot.
-> Went on a snow tubing trip. So fun.
-> On the way home we got in a little fender bender, but we made the best out of it! With chips and salsa! and a very big burrito.
->Taberita and I had a blast.
-> I am a big fan of my snow boots.
-> It was so cold!!
-> Tube lanes.
-> Thanks Cam for getting us something to eat while we waited for the cops to come!
-> Nice bow tie John. I wonder who convinced you to buy it?



  1. Oh my gosh...I want that puppy!!!

  2. All these pictures are so fun :P I need to go back to ikea at some point, it's always a blast even though my bf hates it haha.