These are from my last couple of weeks of last semester and of Christmas break. I am almost caught up...
> Had a slumber party with the roommates. It was the best.
> Reading day (before finals week) at the library in our pjs.
> Finals week care package from my parents. They are the best.
> Thanks for the little reminder bathroom mirror at school.
> Fortune.
> Heaven in a box. Ruby Snap Cookies are the bomb.
> Sewing final project halfway done.
> My friend Courtney got a little pig for a pet. Hamrietta came over for a visit. You can't really see her in this shot.
> Look at her little face.
> Had a painting stress reliever evening. I even dressed like a painter.
> One of my watercolors. Inspired by my everyday view.

> Salt Lake Temple lights trip.
> Stephen & I.
> Hannah & I.
> Pretty tree.
> It was snowing like crazy... but so beautiful.
> We were trying to stay warm.
> Waiting for the train.
> Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.
> Kaylie is the cutest.
> Walking to school in my new boots.
> Train ride to salt lake. Just kept getting snowier.
> Visiting Hamrietta.
> Finally home in Texas. Got to snuggle this cutie.
> Humidity= Frizzy hair.
> Decorating for Christmas while listening to the Kinks greatest hits.
> My favorite.
> Cookie time.
> So yummy.
> All he does is sleep and sleep and sleep and eat and be cute.
> Chili pepper lights.
> Since I missed Thanksgiving at home, mom made it again for Christmas!
> New shoes. 
> My brother got a bike for Christmas and of course my dad had to try it out.
> Looks almost like a book cover.
> New Years!
> Holly berry headband I made.
> Homeless man in San Antonio. His sign is halfway true.
> New sweater.
> San Antonio temple trip.
> Good movie.
> Hockey.
> Goodbye Corpus.
> Learning how to do printmaking at home with my family!
> Our finished projects.
> That shirt accurately describes how I was feeling after a long day of traveling. P.S. I made it.
> Saved my life. I was so hungry.

Sorry for the overload of pictures. I've been trying to catch up! Soon I will finally get to share what I have been up to lately... Time moves by too fast sometimes.


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