I make a difference.

Today I donated blood for the first time! After a really bad experience with donating plasma a few years ago, I have been TERRIFIED of needles. Like, I have a hard time watching TV shows like ER where you know they are putting needles in people but you don't even actually see it!
This past summer my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was probably the scariest thing ever for my family and I. I am happy to say that my dad is now in remission and doing great! I am so grateful for his doctors and the many people who supported and helped him in any way. This includes all the people that donated blood. My dad has received 10 pints of blood donated by people like you and me. That is why I donated today. A little bit of pain for me can make a difference for someone else! and it wasn't even that bad at all!
Please, please, please donate! You can make a difference! If you have never done it before and are terrified of needles, it really isn't that bad. The people are really nice and comforting. Bring a friend with you for some moral support if you need it! The people that you can help are going through so much more than you are when you donate. My goal is to donate blood every 3 months! You can do it!



  1. You are so brave! The one and only time I gave blood, I passed out and have been scared ever since. Maybe someday I'll get my nerve up.

  2. Congrats on getting over your fears for such a good cause. My family and I went through the same thing with my father who is also in remission. It really changes your life when that happens and it definitely makes you want to help other families going through the same ordeal.