Please bear with me as I catch up my Insta-life posts... These are from my trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was a really fun week!
 1. Packing.
2. We left on a Monday night after class and an exam. It felt pretty dang good to not have to worry about school for a week.
3. We stayed the night in St. George, Utah.
4. Entering Nevada!
 1. We thought it would be fun to stop in Vegas since neither of us had ever been. It was so worth it.
2. Driving to Vegas.
3. Forever.
4. Basically my dreams of meeting Elvis came true that day. Although he was a little sweaty/dirty/smelly, Elvis was a pretty nice guy.
 1. We didn't do any gambling... I promise.
2. The Eiffel Tower.
3. Somehow I always end up taking photos with star wars characters.
4. Paris Casino.
 1. We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.
2. They let us pick the music. Everyone liked my choice.
3. Best. Burger. Ever.
4. This guy was awesome.
 1. Me being weird.
2. and again at the Coke Store.
3. We didn't even realize that the Hoover Dam was along our drive.
4. It's huge.
 1. I just don't even understand how that was built. Incredible.
2. Driving in the mountains. Beautiful/scary.
3. Entering Arizona!
4. So many cacti. 
 1. A little freaked out by the fact that our friends neighbor had like three of these hanging around his yard.
2. Tabs and I.
3. Pie.
4. Gone.
 1. It's possible that I have always had a major crush on Johnny.
2. I feel bad that I find this headstone funny. At Boothill Graveyard.
3. Took a walk out in the country. It was so peaceful.
4. Arizona wilderness.
 1. Organ Stop Pizza in Phoenix. Coolest place ever.
2. Mesa Temple Lights.
3. Tabby, the Cooks, and I.
4. Nativity.
1. More of the Mesa Temple lights.
2. On the way home we stopped at a little antique shop.
3. Tabby and I may or may not have gotten ice cream three times in one day... and it may or may not have been a very bad idea. I must say that a road trip isn't a road trip without ice cream.
4. We stopped at the Vegas temple on the way back. It was stunning.

This trip was amazing. We really needed to get out of Provo, away from school, and relax a little bit. I did take a ton of pictures with my DSLR camera! I promise I'll post them very soon!


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  1. You can be happy that you've had the opportunity to fly there!

    Sorry for my bad english :D