The past few months have been nothing less than a whirlwind. While it makes me sad that I cannot commit to regular blogging, I am really happy with where I am in life. There are so many blessings in my life that I cannot even begin to fathom. College life isn't easy, but it is fulfilling. I feel myself growing each and everyday. Don't worry. I have been documenting the past few months with pictures and have lots of stories to tell! Since I am home for Christmas break I finally have time to share whats been going on in my life in my little corner of the internet. It feels good to be back!
 1. It started to get cold in October, but I wasn't willing to admit it until November. November 1st I had my first cup of cocoa.
2. The fall was beautiful. I had never experienced a fall like this. There were so many leaves that there were teams of leaf cleaning machines all over campus.
3. The trees were a lovely golden orange.
4. Jessica and I celebrated with Martinelli's one evening.
 1. On the same night as the Martinelli's Jessica and I initiated ourselves into our newly founded Pie Committee by eating a full strawberry rhubarb pie right out of the pan. I never thought I'd say this... but that was too much pie.
2. Tabby made this beautiful cake to celebrate Perry's mission call.
3. I still dream about this pumpkin curry that Hannah told me about. I am dying to go back. Like now.
4. Movie night.
 1. We had a death in the family. Our little jumping bean bit the dust. We were so intrigued that we sliced him open to see his insides. I would advise never doing this to a loved one.
2. We had a burial service.
3. Then we cried together.
4. This was before I ran out of time to even play my guitar everyday.
 1. Then it snowed! 
2. As much as I had been dreading that day... I found it to be quite awesome.
3. Tabs and I decided to enjoy it.
4. and that we did.
 1. Tabs and I thought it would be super funny to build a snowman right outside our living room window. We live on the bottom floor, which is not quite the basement. It is more like half in the ground half out. I had people asking me if the snow was really that high so I thought I'd make it clear. Haha.
2. Our snowman ended up looking a lot like Lambchop. He also freaked us out quite a bit because we always thought there was a person outside our window.
3. Saturday morning we decided to go play in the snow. We had some pretty epic snowball fights and I was tackled to the ground quite a few times. We started to build an igloo but didn't make it very far.
4. People got very creative with the snow on campus. 
 1. My hair finally got long enough to put it up.
2. I printed out a ton of pictures and hung them all over my walls. I love seeing all these memories everyday.
3. I wear these everyday.
4. It's a little hard to see... but my roommates and I pulled an awesome prank on the guys in apt. 26. We covered their floors in bubble wrap. Placed toast all over the place. and put pictures of ourselves smashed up against the glass on their living room window. Basically it was the best thing ever.
1. The BYU Museum of Art has an Andy Warhol exhibit! We had a great time. Especially the silver cloud exhibit.
1. Finally went to J-Dawgs. Best hot dog in my life. Their special sauce is the bomb.
2. Stephen and Steven are pretty cool.
3. A closeup of my face in the prank.
4. Sewing class final project. The dress was halfway done!

This is only a few of the many pictures that I have from the past few months. I'll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. If you just can't wait until then and have an Instagram, we should be friends. Follow me @carlifries84. 


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