I am alive. I promise. I have proof (see bellow). One time one of my favorite bloggers didn't post for like 3 weeks and didn't give an explanation and I pretty much pronounced her dead, then the next day she came back like nothing happened. So, I am completely aware that I haven't posted anything for over a week. I am the worst... but if you knew how my last two weeks were going I don't think you'd blame me. Maybe that is a story that i'll tell later? Here are some Instagrams from the past... well... month. Enjoy.
1. Breakfast. Kashi with bannanies.
2. Nighttiming in Provo
3. Clock found while nighttiming in Provo.
4.This looks bad... and maybe it is, but not in the way you think. I went to a wedding reception at my favorite place to get mocktails. IT WAS OPEN BAR! So Jess and I went mocktail crazy. Completely crazy.
1. Pretty lighting at Spark (the place with the bomb mocktails)
2. Artwork at Spark.
3. It was a bittersweet occasion when I got out all my winter clothes.
4. I got a bokeh app and am now obsessed. 
1. Pranks.
2. Pranks again. It's hard to see, but my roommate Kaylie and I put up all the windshield wipers on the cars parked at our apartment complex.
3. Economics class. I don't understand.
4. Testing center line was out the door.
 1. For some reason I felt lie it was worth while to show you this picture twice.
2. Catan is the worst game ever. 
3. Remember that one time that I said that I stayed up until 4:30am doing economics homework? Well this week it was 6:15am...
4. This guy... I am just going to have to tell you this story later... I promise that it is worth the wait.
 1. Pretty chandelier in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building at Temple Square.
2. Friends. :)
3. A really tall JS.
4. Pretty lighting.
 1. Dinner. Fruit cereal.
2. Road trip with Tabs.
3. My favoritest place in the world is Ruby Snap. If your ever in the Salt Lake area.... go there.
4. The best butternut squash cookie & I.
 1. Apparently I am really bad at knowing which pictures I have collaged already...
2. A couple first timers at General Conference.
3. General Conference! MOTAB is so much better in person.
4. Salt Lake Temple at night.
 1. The last of spring flowers.
2. I can't believe I had a run in my hose at General Conference.
3. So pretty.
4. So many Mormons.
1. Online quizes are the worst.
2. Studying under this tree.
3. Fall is here.
4. Ear plugs for studying. My apartment can be pretty noisy.

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