These are the things that are happening.

In my last post I indicated that the past couple of weeks have been crazy. Crazy might be an understatement. Strange? Yeah that might be the right word. I almost felt like I was a walking dead. Seriously.

So this past week was midterms week, and if you are, or have ever been, a student you'd understand. You know how at the beginning of the semester things are all laid back and you just enjoy the social life? and then BAM! You have a billion tests and assignments due in one week? Amidst this storm of school work, I was preparing to go on vacation (which I am now on! More on that later). So I had to get all of my homework done for two weeks in one week. I even had to take a test early...

So there was this one day last week that wasn't necessarily a bad day, just a strange day. The night before I had stayed up until 6:15am (yep you read that right) doing economics homework with my study buddy. So when I woke up at 8:30 am I was less than thrilled. When I went to bed the night before I was so tired that I just crawled right into bed; no teeth brushing, no face washing, nothing. Just typing that out makes me feel really gross. Then when I woke up I was running late so I put on some pants and walked out the door. I feel even more gross typing that out... and I can't believe I am admitting to that, but you gotta do what you gotta do I suppose. So I head to class and turn in my economics homework. After class ended my tummy had an extreme case of the rumblies, probably due to the fact that I never ate breakfast. So I head to the cafeteria and stand in line for 20 minutes for a Subway. Here is one thing that you should know about me, I don't really like hot sandwiches because the veggies get all soggy and warm and I like my veggies cold and crispy. So of course when the sandwich artisan asks me if I want my little sandwich toasted I say "No." I don't know if he didn't hear me or what, but he put my sandwich in the oven, and I was mad. Being the person who just deals with things internally and hardly ever tells people that they messed up, I took that hot soggy sandwich and ate it, and it was pretty ok.
There wasn't any seats available in the cafeteria so I took my soggy sandwich outside and as I was walking to a grassy area to sit a bunch of girls holding a sign that said "FREE HUGS!!!" came up to me and asked me, "Do you want a free hug?" (I bet you saw that one coming...) I replied in the negative. Maybe a little too negative. They probably think I am a grump. But I had several pretty good reasons why I would say no to a free hug. (1.) My sandwich was hot and soggy. (2.) I hadn't kept up with my personal hygiene and probably smelt as terrible as I felt.
As I sat in the grass and reflected on my day as of yet, and the immense amount of things that I still needed to do that day, along came a little bee. This bee wouldn't leave me alone and I am terrified of bees. Terrified. You would think that every creature on the planet earth would want to stay away from me on this day, but not this little bee. He loved me, and I did not return the affection. So I jumped up and literally ran away from it. This caused several people to stare in confusion. I said "Bee." and walked away.
I had 3 hours before my next class, and a test to take after that class that I needed to study for. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't bear the thought of sitting inside the library to study, so I found a little spot behind a fountain. It was so peaceful and warm sitting there in the sun that I fell asleep amid my studies. All of a sudden I am awoken by a bunch of little children jumping over me whilst carrying little baby pumpkins. Once again I get up and walk away.
I headed to class and when it was over I went and sat in the grass next to the testing center to finish studying for my test. Once again I fell asleep. Then all of a sudden I feel this immense amount of excruciating pressure on my arm. I open my eyes to find this dude literally standing on my arm and texting. He steps back and exclaims "Sorry! I didn't see you there!" I said "Uh. Ok. No worries." but what I said in my mind is a lot cooler. I said "How did you not see a person, who seriously looks like a hobo sleeping in a park, sprawled out in the grass? Maybe it was because you are texting and walking?" I have decided that not only does texting and driving need to be illegal, but texting and walking too. There needs to be some serious ramifications there...
After that dude left, a little bee (probably the same one from before) comes along and won't leave me alone. So I jump up and run away. I moved to the other side of the building and sat beneath a tree. After a while of studying I hear someone singing. Not just humming, but all out singing. Singing like I only do when I am alone. I look up and see this guy walking down the sidewalk with headphones in his ears and literally belting out some song I didn't recognize. I said to myself "Are you kidding me? Be quiet." but I am kinda glad he didn't. Instead he walked into the middle of the field across from me, dropped his back pack, fiddled with his iPod, and then started full out air-guitaring and singing. In front of the billion people walking around and sitting in the grass nearby. I was shocked. So was everyone around. We all kinda stopped and stared. This is him, in all his glory.
Just look at him. I felt like I was at a concert. Except just a really funny concert. After a couple songs he laid down in the grass and then almost immediately did one of those jump to your feet from the laying on your back position. He then grabbed his back pack and walked into the testing center. I guess that is just his way of relaxing before a big test?
After a while of more studying that same guy walks back out of the testing center and to the same place he had performed earlier. He again drops his back pack and starts air-guitaring again! This time he sang a song from Camp Rock. That one that the Jonas Brothers do about just wanting to play their music. After three or four songs I went and took my test with a big smile on my face. I truly attribute the 100 percent that I got on that test to that guy's mad air-guitar skills.
After my test I rode my bike home and thought, when I get home I am taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and going to bed. But when I got home I CLEANED. Everything... and unpacked my winter clothes! I don't get it.

That day was the strangest day I have had in a long time. If you made it to the end of this post congratulations. You've just waisted like 10 minutes. I hope it was worth it.


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