Things to look forward to...

I used to have this app on my old phone that displayed a count down to important events like Christmas, end of school, birthdays, vacations, etc. I miss it because every time I would look at my phone I would be reminded of something that I am looking forward to. I haven't really found an app I like for my iPhone yet, so if you have any suggestions that would be... well, really great.
This semester is loaded with not only a ton of school work, but a ton of activities. Big activities. Here are a few things I am looking forward to coming up in the next couple months.

General Conference:
If your LDS you know what I am referring to, if you aren't LDS you probably don't. In that case, it is a weekend that the leaders of our church (prophet, apostles, etc) speak to the members of the church. It is broadcast across the world from Salt Lake City, and I am going to two of the sessions in Salt Lake! It is amazing to be in the same room as these church leaders, and to listen to their words.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta:
My dad is a hot air balloon pilot, and hot air ballooning is one of our many unique family hobbies. Almost every October of my life (and before that) my family has gone to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My dad won't be taking his balloon this year, but we are still going! I am flying into Albuquerque and meeting my dad there! I am not only excited to spend a few days at the fiesta but to see my dad. (I went last year too, you can read about it HERE).

Cave parties and hot pots: 
Utah has a lot of outdoorsy stuff to offer. A couple friends of mine were telling me about this cave that people hike to, break glow sticks and spray the glowy stuff all over themselves and the wall, and play hide and seek. If you stand up against the wall people literally can't see you! As for the hot pots, there can't be anything better than swimming in a natural hot springs when the weather starts to cool off.

Enough said.

Winter stuff:
Last winter wasn't very... wintery. Also, it was dreadful. I was so sick of the cold and snow even though there wasn't that much. I felt really depressed with all the rainy/slushy weather. This winter I have decided to make the most of it by playing in the snow! I might even try skiing and snowboarding. I am excited for snowmen, snow angles, snowball fights, and sledding!

Thanksgiving in Arizona
My roommate Tabby and I are going to road trip down to the Tuscan area to meet up with some friends for Thanksgiving dinner. They will be showing us around Tuscan, Phoenix, and some other places. I am especially excited because I have only been in the Arizona airport for a layover. I am also excited to see the grand canyon (please Tabby?!)

My Texas friends and I have been talking about a trip to Idaho to visit more Texas friends. I don't know when this will be happening... but it will be happening.

What are you looking forward to?



  1. I've always wanted to ride on a hot air balloon! It still remains unchecked on my bucket list :( You're so lucky!

    - Gia

    1. I hope you get to cross it off soon! It is definitely something that everyone needs to do!

  2. I just had to drop in to say how much I love that hot air balloon picture!

  3. how awesome my dad is a "chaser" for a local pilot here in upstate NY! he goes up all summer long. he goes to all the festivals in and around NY with the pilot. In fact there is one next weekend that my mom and dad are going to I believe its in Lake George NY? I can't remember exactly where because they go to so many. but my sister puts on a large show with about 20-25 pilots every year for her fall festival -

    check it out here:

    1. Wow! Thats awesome! Have you ever gone chasing with him? I would highly suggest it. It is so fun! Even if your scared of heights and don't want to fly yourself, just chasing the balloon is amazing!

  4. That is TOO COOL that your dad is a hot air balloon pilot :) The view from above must be such a spectacular sight.