Record Tuesday: Fleet Foxes (again)

Lorelai by Fleet Foxes on Grooveshark
Lorelai by Fleet Foxes

I know that I shared a Fleet Foxes song a couple weeks ago... but the truth is that I am still listening to them. I have been for about a month now, I can't stop. I have tried to listen to something else, but I keep coming back. What can I say? I guess I could tell you that the weather here has been so nice and that Fleet Foxes are my nice weather music. Like today for instance, I am sitting in the grass in a courtyard on campus doing my homework and listening to this song. I was free of the stress that comes with deadlines, tests, and lack of sleep. I just felt really happy to be where I was sitting in the sun, even if I was doing economics homework. If I keep sharing Fleet Foxes songs... I am sorry, but I feel bad sharing anything that isn't inspiring me at the moment. I just hope I don't over play them...


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