These are the things that are happening.

Since I have made "the move"I have encountered many really weird and random things. Things that I never want to forget, but probably would forget if I didn't record them. Thank you blog for serving as my medium of recording.
-> I've been experimenting with double exposure apps. (see above)
-> Some people really say "What's up brah!" while doing the "hang ten" hand sign in real life.
-> Having roommates is like a constant sleepover. You know those nights when you stay up really super late and you hit that point where just about everything (the literal term) is funny? Well I do.
-> I ride my bike to school everyday and there is one really steep hill at the end of the ride. It's against the law to ride your bike on that hill due to the amount of pedestrians, but I'm not going to lie... I couldn't ride my bike up that hill if I tried. I always wish that I can ride it back down instead of getting off my bike and walking though. So the other day I chose to try a new way back home from school, and I encountered an even steeper and significantly longer hill. I was at the top and my apartment was at the bottom, and the best part was that I won't get a $50 dollar fine if I ride my bike down it. So as I rode my bike down that hill at a what seemed like a significant speed of 30mph (super fast for a bike in my opinion) I realized that if for some reason my bike failed me, I'd be dead. Let me just say that my bike is super old. Like older than me. And the breaks aren't the greatest. I almost hit an old lady, but the feeling going down that hill was amazing enough for me to plan to ride down it everyday from now on no matter what the risk. So exhilarating.
-> On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a pretty large break between classes. Every day I come back home and lay in my bed for the duration of that break and it's awesome.
-> Theres a girl in my sewing class that I literally want to punch in the face.
-> I have been eating a lot of little mini pizzas. Basically just thin bagel haves with pizza stuff on them. So good. So easy.
-> My apartment got pranked. (see bellow)
-> My apartment complex had a "Cowboys v. Aliens" party yesterday. I showed up for the food (because I am paying for it) and then left.
-> I spent labor day rearranging my room because my roommate and I bought little bedside tables and they didn't fit beside our beds.... so naturally, the solution was to spend several hours moving stuff around. They fit now.
-> I have also been doing a ton of homework... homework that I should be doing now.


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