Road Trip

Yes, I finally found the cord that connects my camera to my laptop! Actually my dad found it. I left it at home... so he mailed it to me. Finally, I am able to share the pictures from my road trip to Utah! Take a look.

 The drive from South Texas to Utah is... really long. Two of my good friends Robert and Phillip drove up with me, in my two seater truck I might add... it was a little bit cramped but really fun. We made it to Roswell the first day, and spent the night with a friend. The next morning we woke up early and hit the road. Since we all have made that drive several times before we decided to take a new route. Normally we would go through Albuquerque and the bottom corner of Colorado, but we decided to go up through Santa Fe and spend a little bit more time in Colorado. I am very glad we did. Somewhere between Santa Fe and Colorado we started to get into a really scenic area, and since we had been in the car forever already we decided to make a stop. We ended up running into a "natural amphitheater". Best thing ever.
 We hiked into the amphitheater and spent fifteen minutes just yelling and singing just to listen to the echo. It was awesome.
 We also came across Jay "Rock" Leno. Please tell me you see the resemblance.
Found some "precious" stone.
 It was especially difficult for us to get back in that tiny little car and drive away, but we did. The drive through Colorado was gorgeous. We stopped at a restaurant called "Restaurant" (clever name eh?) in some  little town in the mountains.
Once we got into Utah we stopped at Wilson Arch, which is the largest, and just so happens to be right off the highway. We hiked up into the arch (something I had never done before).
I just kept thinking "This is huge!" See how small Rob and Phil look in comparison.

 We watched the sunset. Kinda.

 Besides the fact that I almost died hiking around this thing, it was amazing. A reminder to me of how beautiful this world is. I had the best time on that road trip.


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