Room Tour

 Welcome to my humble abode... The fact is that my room doesn't look much like this anymore. Thats partly due to the fact that it's now a disaster (at least my side of the room is), these photos were stuck on my camera for weeks because I didn't have a cord to connect it to my computer until the other day, and because my roommate and I rearranged it last weekend; and thats a story all in itself. Ill tell it anyways. Tabby, my roommate, and I were at JoAnn's buying fabric for my sewing class where we found these little bedside table things that were 75% off. They looked like they would fit that small space in between my bed and dresser, so we purchased them. I must add that along with the 75% off, I have this handy little app on my phone that gives me all sorts of Joann's coupons. I got an extra 15% off! We got them 90% off! Great deal. So we take them home and assemble them. Then we soon realize that they don't fit where we thought they would. Of course the only logical thing to do would be to rearrange the entire room, in which we did. After a couple hours we were finally satisfied. Our room has much more space! I forgot to mention that we did this on Labor Day.... I should have done something cooler.
I think that my favorite thing about my room is my clothesline of friends. I jokingly say "Look! I clotheslined my friends!" I am so clever.... I bought a clothesline and clothespins from the dollar store and hung it up! Cute and easy!
 My closet is a lot smaller than I'd like... but I am making due. All my winter stuff is packed up to conserve space, but I am awfully worried about what to do come fall. I'll manage. 
I do love the shelves! All of my jewelry and perfume is in perfect reach!
 Just a shot of my ugly carpet. It is basically a collector of hair balls. The worst.
Tabby and I originally planned on hanging a really cute curtain in front of our closet for privacy and then hanging our Texas flag in the window, but we are in the basement and our window basically overlooks... well... dirt. So we hung it up in front of the closet instead.
Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to my dearest mother. All summer I searched high and low for the perfect comforter/duvet. I scoured the internet and wandered down endless aisles of bedding. Apparently I am way too picky. Once I saw THIS duvet cover at IKEA I fell in love. There was just one thing I didn't like about it, and that was that it is white. I was worried that because I am a college student and stuff that it would get all grungy and dirty looking. Then I found the same fabric but with a black background but they only sold it as fabric not as a duvet cover. I cried (not really). Then my mother (who is literally the best) bought the fabric and made me my very own, one of a kind, duvet cover. I love it. It's so warm and comfy. So thanks mom!

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  1. I love your unique-one-of-a-kind duvet cover. Really cute!

  2. Friendly FYI :) The Texas flag is hanging backwards. The white stripe should be to the left when hanging vertical. Here is an example of a flag at the Texas Capital: