Record Tuesday: Vampire Weekend

M79 by Vampire Weekend on Grooveshark
M79 by Vampire Weekend

The other day I was talking to a group of people, who live in my apartment complex, about music. They asked me who my favorite musician is. Of course, I had no idea what to say. I love a large variety of music, and couldn't give an "all time favorite". When people ask me that question I usually just say something to the effect of "Well I have been listening to a lot of (insert band name here) lately." and a lot of the times no one knows what band I am talking about. Which is ok, because a lot of times I don't expect people to, because I don't listen to a lot of mainstream music. So this group of people that I am talking to asks me what my favorite musician is and I say "Um... I don't know..." This girl starts naming musicians like Katy Perry, Beyonce, T-Pain, etc. She was baffled that I didn't really care for them. Then this guy says I bet you like (insert band I have never hear of). I say that "I have never heard of them",  and once again they are baffled. Then this one guy says "No she likes good stuff." I say "I do like good stuff." He says "I bet you like Vampire Weekend." I then say "You happen to be correct". 
Long story short... that is the moment when I realized that I hadn't listened to Vampire Weekend in way too long, and also that it makes me sad that people don't know who they are. So kudos to that one guy that knew. 

Also, this is my favorite Vampire Weekend song. I love the classical music elements mixed with the electronic. So good.

Sorry, that was quite a long story not to have a very interesting ending. My apologies.


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