1. The deer I saw on my walk to school. 
2. Pistachio ice cream at the BYU Creamery on 9th.
3. Starburst found on night walk.
3. Cool mask at the BYU culture museum.
 5. Zupas is super good. Cranberry Turkey sandwich & summer salad.
6. Scripture study.
7. A very happy moment. Carli meets bed after a long day.
8. That hot air balloon I saw one morning that made me miss hot air ballooning.
 9. Brigham city temple open house.
10. Tabby & I.
11. Jam sesh.
12. Sunday shoes.
 13. First day of school attire.
14. Scenic view of Provo and valley.
15. Apparently cougars live in these parts.
16. eh...
 17. Rasin Bran for breakfast.
18. First sweater day of the season. :)
19. Bed time.
20. This photo was taken from more than half way up the flight of stairs on my walk to school.
 21. Avocado taco that I made all by myself. So good.
22. Study time.
23. I watched an entire football game. Go Cougars.
24. Hair bow.
25. Boredom.
26. Temple square with Jess.
27. Salt Lake temple at night.
28. That one really good strawberry rhubarb pie that I ate at Village Inn the other day.


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