Double Rainbow.

Sometimes life just throws you these curveballs that seem impossible to hit. Like this week for instance... You know how the first few weeks of a new semester are so easy because the professors are only just setting up the course, and starting to teach you the material? and you love it because you don't have very much homework and you can spend all your time doing fun stuff? Then that one week that every single one of your professors decides to burry you under a billion pounds of homework and you say to yourself "What the?" You have become so used to hanging out with friends instead of studying that it is almost like a culture shock. Well that was this week for me.

To add a pinch more ridiculous to our soup of stress, I got sick on Sunday. So I started off the week under the weather, but I pushed through it and did all the things I needed to until yesterday. Then yesterday (Wednesday) rolled around... I woke up feeling like death itself. Actually I don't even know if I was even alive. All I remember about that morning is that my alarm went off at 8am and I turned it off. A little while later I sat up and thought to myself "Crap! I have to get the kids to school!" Then I thought "Wait! I don't have any kids..." Then I laid back down and stated "I am NOT going to class today." Apparently my roommate Tabby took that statement to heart and made the same decision. Tisk tisk.

The point of this story is that this week was crap. But I will say this...
Sometimes you will be sitting in your apartment feeling all miserable and stuff and someone comes and knocks on your door and says "Have you seen the double rainbow?" Then you run outside with your camera and witness this:
Let me tell you that this image does not even come close to doing it justice. Not at all. Mostly because the double rainbow was so big that I couldn't even capture the whole thing in my frame and then double part of the rainbow is hard to see. But in real life it was spectacular.


P.S. I am feeling much better today, have caught up on most of my school work, and am going to hangout with a friend because I think I deserve it.

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  1. glad you are feeling better - i had a crap week too. while i didn't actually witness a double rainbow this week, i finally snapped out of my down in the dumps phase so metaphorically i "saw" my own double rainbow. have a great weekend!