Grateful Sunday: Temples

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the Brigham City temple open house. If you not familiar with any of that sentence; well your in luck, because I am going to tell you. As I have said several times before, I am LDS (Mormon). We believe that Temples are the house of the Lord, and dedicated to Him. They are the closest place to heaven while here on earth. We perform sacred ordinances inside temples for ourselves and those who have passed on. Members of the church are required to have a temple recommend that proves they are worthy to enter the the house of the Lord. In the temple, worthy church members can serve those who are dead by performing proxy baptisms, sealings, and other ordinances. We believe that families can be together forever. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without those we love. Marriages in the temple are not until death do them part, but for eternity. Sealings are to bind family members together forever. 
After a temple has been built, the church opens the temple doors to anyone who would like to see what is inside before it is dedicated and closed off to the public. This is great opportunity for non-church members, and church members, to see all the different parts of the temple and where these sacred ordinances are performed. 
Yesterday was my first temple open house experience. It was the first time that I was able to go into many parts of the temple that I have only heard about. While the outside of the temple is amazing, the inside is perfect. I cannot even begin to describe the feelings I had. There are so many small details that have so much meaning, and the craftsmanship is superb. I often got lost in the architecture and art work. Even the carpet had details that lifted your soul. The chandeliers were probably my favorite. They had this unmistakeable divine quality that brought tears to my eyes. I remember gasping when I laid eyes upon the chandelier in the Celestial room. I can't even begin to illustrate how perfect it was or how I felt. All I kept thinking is that if heaven is even half as glorious as it was inside the walls of the temple, I want to be there. I am so grateful for temples.
I hope that if you live close to an LDS temple you will visit. Even a walk around the temple grounds is uplifting. If your fortunate enough to live close to a temple open house I urge you to go no matter what you believe. I can guarantee that it will be a positive experience. If you have any questions about temples please feel free to email me! I would love to answer your questions to the best of my ability. 


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  1. Religious or not churches and holy places are beyond beautiful. I've been to countless ones in europe and they never fail to take my breath away.