These are the things that are happening.

So... I have pretty much a billion pictures to share from my road trip/new apartment/crafting but... in the move I lost the cord that attaches my laptop and camera. The truth is that I think it might be in the bottom of a very full box of stuff, and lets face it... I am too lazy to dig it out at the moment.
In other news, I am starting to love the college life! I have been going to college for several years now, but this will be the first semester that I will be actually living the "college life". I have always been in a really weird college situation, but now I am living in student housing, walking everywhere, eating Ramen every night, and meeting tons of new people. It's awesome.
So as I have mentioned before, I am Mormon. I know that your going to roll your eyes when you read this because it is probably the most cliche Mormon thing ever... I go to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Yeah, I know. BYU is unlike most colleges. Lets talk about this awhile...
#1. The day that I moved into my apartment, one of my roommates Tabby and I went to Lowes to buy some cinder blocks. If your wondering why we would be buying cinder blocks, well, apparently everyone uses them to elevate their beds in order to fit more stuff underneath them, and it works mighty fine. So we are at Lowes buying cinder blocks and we walk up to the checkout and are greeted by some strange dude. "Some strange dude" is an understatement. This guy was super weird. We told him that we were there to purchase cinder blocks, he asked why, we told him, he asked where we went to school, we told him. He then whispers "Are you Mormon?" We replied with "Yes." He then whispered "How Mormon are you?" I replied "We are pretty Mormon..." He then told us how beautiful we are, something about Georgia, something about tattoos, and then wrote his number down on my receipt and told me to give him a call. Lets just say that I did not call him. Not even once.
#2. The following is a joke among Mormons (and non-Mormons alike) that is actually not really a joke... like at all. Mormons marry young. In fact, there are at least five wedding invitations on my refrigerator as we speak. BYU is probably the only school with a billion wedding related businesses within a 2 mile radius from campus. BYU students have this terrible, but useful, habit of checking every possible suitor for a wedding band. Even I have fallen into this trap, and it's sad. Very very sad.
#3. There are literally signs that say "Thank you for being clean shaven so that we may serve you." I honestly don't know why this is in the Honor Code, but apparently men are to remain without facial hair, but they can get a "Beard Card" if they need a beard for some reason or another...
#4. People are really friendly here. I had to go to financial aid the other day, and the whole walk there I was so worried that some rude FA lady was going to stress me out even more. Isn't that the worst? Am I right? Or am I right? Good news is that that was not even the case. The lady was super nice and helpful.
#5. Since school hasn't started yet, I have been really bored. I don't know very many people yet, and haven't really had the opportunity to. So I decided to go on a little walk after the sun went down. As I stepped outside, I took one look at the mountains and I knew that I should be listening to Fleetfoxes. So I put on Helplessness Blues and started walking. The weather was perfect. I walked with no inclination of where I was going. I just went where my feet took me. I explored, and found many beautiful sights. There was an enormous amount of couples taking romantic strolls through campus, but I was happy to be alone. It was nice to think about the goals I want to accomplish this semester, and to be grateful for the blessings in my life. I happened upon some fireworks and sat there for a few minutes wide eyed and grinning. I love fireworks. Then I went home, and now I am here writing this blog post. I now have this overwhelming feeling that I am where I am supposed to be.
#6. I talked to an advisor yesterday about switching my major to business. Apparently I was taking all the wrong classes this semester. He told me to go home and see if I could get into the right ones, or I would be pushing back graduation for a year! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to get into the classes I needed since school starts on Monday, but somehow it worked out! All the classes I needed had an opening in the exact time slot I needed. Thats what we call divine intervention.
#7. There's a Texas flag hanging in my room.
#8. Campus is super big. If I don't loose 30 pound this semester from all the walking I have to do, I'll be pretty surprised.

I thought it would be pretty funny to share these weird little experiences that I am having here at BYU. I am sure there are plenty more to come, and I am sure they will get even better. So  hope you don't mind if I share them... Also, I need to take a picture of that no facial hair sign for you guys. It's literally the funniest.



  1. Ha- I regularly check guys' ring fingers and I'm not Mormon, just chronically single :-p I find the beard thing really interesting, would love to see a picture of the sign and hear more about why that rule exists!

  2. This is why I love the blogging world and probably one of the very few reasons that I love the internet. Beautiful, beautiful posts like this that just share the little joys of life. Weird people that give you funny stories, long walks by yourself, strange habits that sadly most of us have like checking guys wedding fingers (yes, me too and I'm not Mormon either!) :P

    Thank you! It was kind of nice to be able to focus on the words and not just browse over photos which is a truly dreadful habit I've recently acquired and am trying to break. Glad to hear you're feeling like you're in the right place. There is nothing that can beat that feeling! Rhi xx

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