Tumblr Thursday

My blog actually used to be on Tumblr until January of this year. Once I decided that I wanted to become part of the blogging community and put myself out there I realized that all of my followers on Tumblr were weirdo kids, and as flattered as I am that they chose to follow me, that wasn't really the audience that I was looking for. So I spent a billion hours manually transferring my blog posts from Tumblr to this here Blogger blog. I still use my Tumblr occasionally just to reblog a few funny office gifs or inspiring photographs, but mostly I just go on there and look at stuff when I am bored. So I thought, why not share some of the really awesome things that can be found on Tumblr? And so Tumblr Thursday has been birthed. (Birthed is such a weird word...)

Oh Paul... your so cleverly funny.

Moonrise Kingdom. Best. Movie. Ever




  1. all of these are so great! xx

  2. LOVE the office. And I really want to see moonrise kingdom!

    i'm glad you switched to blogger :)

  3. I agree! Moonrise Kingdom is the BEST movie ever!

  4. Yay for creating this blog! I love it. I haven't gotten tumblr yet... I'm scared i'd be on it all day. But i agree with you, moornise kingdom was the best movie!