Weekend Recap

See that snow cone up there? Well it's not really a snow cone. It's a piccadilly and if your unsure what that is then please do let me explain.

So the other day I was talking to my friend Tabby and she mentioned something about a piccadilly and I had heard that name before but had never known what it was. She told me that it was basically a snow cone with koolaid powder and pickles. I thought "What the..." Basically I was very intrigued. So we made plans to get some. I then asked several other people about them and they swore by them. So this week we finally went to try them. First of all, the lady that took my order had rainbow hair and was really rude. Isn't that a contradiction? Because rainbows are kind of a happy thing. Right? Anyways.

I got the tropical punch flavored Koolaid. I am not completely sure if I liked them. I liked the concept but eating it was really really hard. It may have just been the flavor I had because I tried Tabby's and hers was better than mine. I am really glad I tried it though! I am trying to be "up for anything". Which in my mind basically means trying new things and doing stuff I normally wouldn't. So yay for piccadillies! 

In other news.

I got some new lipstick! (This crappy webcam pic doesn't do it justice.) My lips have basically been going crazy in the dry Utah weather and I hadn't been able to find a long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry them out. Since I am now living in the horrid humidity I haven't lotioned my skin (except my face which I lotion everyday) once! So my lips are starting to get normal again. So I tried Revlons Lip Butter (from that one commercial with Emma Stone). It was on sale! I have been wearing it for a couple hours and my lips feel and still look great! It wasn't expensive, it doesn't turn my lips into the sahara desert, and it doesn't flake! My lips new best friend. What your favorite lip stick?

In other news.
I saw that Snow White and the Huntsman movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Kristen Stewart did. Or maybe my mind was clouded by the fact that Thor decided to give up his hammer thing and divinity and become a drunken huntsman who falls in love with the fairest of them all (Kristen Stewart). Don't worry... I didn't spoil a thing. 

In other news.
I watched a freaky movie just now and am putting off going to sleep because I am pretty sure I am going to have nightmares about a creeper having secret peep holes that look into my house and he sits there watching me while rocking back and forth. Then I find out and he kills my boyfriend (Ned from Pushing Daisies), tries to kill me, and then I kill him with a nail gun. Also this creeper is that guy that the girl in P.S. I Love you ends up with in the end and now I can never again be attracted to him. It's ok if you have no idea what I was just talking about. I am sure you'd rather not know.



  1. Snow cones are seriously one of my favorite things about summer ^_^
    I too saw Snow White and was surprised that Kristen Stewart (at moments) conquered her constant quizzical look and seemed to squeak out what few lines she had in a semi-decent accent. She bugs me so much, but I loved the Huntsman and the Queen SO much!

  2. Mine too! I completely agree. Kristen Stewart did better than expected, but still wasn't that great.