Today I am grateful for friendship.

Today was a wonderful day. I got to see a really great friend of mine who I haven't seen in almost a year (wow) and am about to Skype with another great friend of mine that I haven't seen in that same amount of time. 

I also feel really blessed to be where I am right now and to have amazing people around me everyday. I had been hoping that this summer I would grow, learn, and develop lasting friendships. Until now I had no idea that was even happening. I had lived for so long without greatness of forming new relationships that I felt like I was just pushing through the motions and not getting anything out of it. I have a feeling that this summer is going to prepare me for a long life of new friends, adventures, and happiness.



  1. skype is such an amazing tool! it can keep us so connected no matter the distance. gotta love it.

    1. I agree! Even though I can text and call my friends, it is so much better to be able to talk to them and see their face!