Wear it Well: Surprise

Maybe you will think less of me when I tell you this. Or maybe you will be so surprised that you might love me forever. I don't know... Here it goes.
90% of this outfit came from Walmart. No joke. The skirt and the dress (I layered the skirt over a dress). The shoes were given to me from a friend who had thrifted them, the watch is thrifted, and the bow I made (although you can't really see it... but you can HERE). 

I went to Walmart at midnight a couple weeks ago for a paint run. They were the only place open from which I could get what I needed. I was really just bored, so I walked around a while and looked at stuff. I really find Walmart magical at night. The weirdest people shop there late. Also, it is kinda peaceful. As I wandered through the clothing department I noticed a floral fabric on the sale rack and found this beautiful skirt. Only $4. I thought "This can't be!" I decided to buy it because I had been wanting a few more casual skirts and dresses to wear on a hot summer day. Then I found the dress on another sale rack. Only $8. The moral of the story is... sometimes Walmart has cute clothes...
 I had no intention of wearing these pieces together... but sure enough Sunday morning I rummaged through my closet and like always complained about my lack of things to wear (which is sooo not true) and saw these pieces side by side. I took them both out and put them on. Together. Then fell in love with how I didn't match at all. The moral of the story is... sometimes Walmart sells cute stuff that doesn't match but can be worn together and look amazing. I got more compliments on that outfit than I have ever gotten on anything I have ever worn, and when I told them it came from Walmart, they were just as shocked as I was.


P.S. Sorry about the lack of pictures of me inside these clothes... I just didn't really like the idea of standing out side in the heat getting all sweaty. Also my new neighbors were outside and I don't want them hate me.


  1. Cute shoes. I kinda regret giving them to you. But I guess that's what I get for marrying a short man.

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