Flashback Friday: Puddles

I'm sorry that Flashback Friday went on a little hiatus. I have been keeping myself busy (aka catching up on Arrested Development and painting). But I am back! This weekend there will be two Flashback post! Two!! Anyways...

 If you ever talk to me about movies and wonder why I probably haven't seen all the classics... well, it's because I spent most of my time outside, barefoot, and probably wet. Back when my bed time was 8 pm and it was still daylight I would stand with my hands and face pressed against the window longing to be outside. It was sad. I could have literally lived outside if my parents had let me. It's funny how things change. Now, you couldn't force me to be outside for very long in this Texas heat. I do still love the out doors, but not for the same reasons. I also spent most of my childhood in and out of puddles. I could not stay away from them! Too often I would get in trouble for getting wet in a dirty little puddle. There was this one summer when a hurricane dumped a ton of rain on us and my friends and I went to the park during a break in the storm. The park was flooded and basically turned into a water park! It was literally the best day of my life and I will never forget how awesome it was that people decided to canoe down the streets, float around their front yard on floaties, and run around splashing their friends and family. I even caught a frog and took it home to my mom who was less than thrilled. 

On another note. This is one of the extremely few pictures I found from my childhood where  I am not wearing a Balloon Fiesta shirt.


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