Today I am grateful for my dad.

This post is a combination of so many things... My usual Grateful Sunday post, a Flashback post, and a fathers day post all in one! Aren't you so lucky...

I am completely sure that I have the best dad in the whole wide world. He has been such a huge role model and support in my life. I love him so much! I am not afraid to admit that I am such a daddy's girl. I love doing just about everything he does, and I love spending time with him. He has always believed in my dreams and has supported me through every crazy thing I have decided to do.

Lately, I have been searching through old family photographs and found a lot of my daddy that I love. Here are a few of my favorites.
Dad as a kid. He was so cute. I think that we still have that horn. We use as a Christmas decoration. Every year I get it out, go into the back yard, and play it. It sounds like a dying moose and I am pretty sure my neighbors hate me, but it's too fun. It's funny to see a picture of my dad doing the same thing. 
I love hearing old stories about my when my dad was growing up. Some of my favorites are about his band the "Electric Grandmothers". He is the drummer in the cool hat. I have decided that if I ever do start a band I am taking that name, it's classic.
My dad grew up in a little country town called Taft, Texas, where he was one of the few kids who listened to rock and roll. He wore Beatle boots, had Beatle hair, and was bullied by the redneck football players. He said that all of the bullies would corner him and tell him to cut his hair or they would cut it for him. Scary right?! The night this picture was taken my dad and his bandmates had to lock their lead singer in a car so that he wouldn't get beat up by the football team or something. My dad wasn't just hated for being different. His band had some fans too! One time, after they played this concert at the beach these girls came up to the band and said "You guys sounded just like the Beatles!!!". My dad still gushes about that. You can only imagine how one might feel if their music was compared to the Beatles. 
Later, he went off to college to study Photography. Look how handsome he was. 
One morning in Taft my dad's friend knocked on his window and told him to come outside because there was a balloon flying over town.  They followed it and met the pilot after the balloon landed. Thats when he fell in love with hot air ballooning. This is a photo of him at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that we as a family have been going to since way before I was born. This is why 90% of my childhood photos are of me wearing a ballon fiesta shirt. I think thats all us kids owned at the time. I love hot air ballooning with my dad. He gets so excited to spend a little time flying. I can't think of anything more exhilaratingly peaceful than hot air ballooning.
I have shared this photo before, and I can't help sharing it again. I love jamming with my dad.

This fathers day I am especially grateful for my dad and his love and support. I am happy to be celebrating him today! The family pitched in to get him a nice new record player! Which like a dad he was mad that we bought him something. He is the type of dad that does not want presents for his birthday and Christmas. I have been begging him for his record collection for years but he always said "no" because he still wants to listen to them for a while. But he didn't have a record player!!! So I thought, why not let him enjoy them for a few more years before he finally caves in and lets me have them! He has been sitting there listening to his old records with a big grin on his face. Thats when I know that I got him something good.

Thanks dad for being the best there is. I love you a lot.


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