Vintage Brooch: Swift Eagle

I have absolutely no idea where I got this brooch. I think it might have come from my mother, or maybe her mother, or maybe her mothers mother... you get what I am saying. I love it. It reminds me of those elementary school days when we were learning about native americans and their culture. We each made paper indian chief hats and each had out own native name and animal. Mine was "humble bee paints sky with pollen" or something like that, but I remember being particularly jealous of a boy with the name "swift eagle flies at dusk". Not because my name wasn't cool, but because at the time I didn't think my name was cool. I pretty much loathed bees because me and bees have always had a strictly hate relationship. They hate me so they sting me, I hate them because they sting me. So I was pretty unhappy when I found out that I was a humble bee. But anyways.... I love this brooch! It is very unique and makes me feel like the swift eagle that flies at dusk that I fell like I deserve to be...


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