Gimp How-To: Adding Text

I am happy to share another installment of Gimp How-To! This time i'll be showing you how to add text to your photographs! Gimp is a free online software that is similar to photoshop but doesn't break the bank! You download it HERE! If you are new to Gimp and want to learn the basics, you have come to the right place! You can see my other Gimp tutorials on how to resize and crop images, that I did as a guest post on the blog What A Peach!, HERE

It really is quite simple. You just have to know what tools do what. I think that the most challenging part of Gimp is finding out what icons do what. 

Type your text into the box that appears on the right. To change the color of your text click on the color box in your "Text Tools" (the long black rectangle) and choose a color. The color box from the "tool box" (small black square) will not change the the color of your font.

You will probably need to resize your text again once you choose your font.

I wanted to separate my text so I created a text box for each word. Click on the "Mover Tool" to reposition your text. (Make sure to click on the actual text to move it. If you don't it will move the picture, not the text.)

I am NOT in any way an expert at Gimp. I am still learning too! I have spent many long hours creating my blog design and other graphics on Gimp, and let me tell you... it can be frustrating! Every time I use it, I get better and if you haven't noticed... my blog design gets better! Practice makes perfect! So if your looking to save a little time, a lot of stress, and want to know how to do anything that I haven't covered already or just you have a question feel free to comment or email (  me and I can help! I am also looking for suggestions for up and coming Gimp Tutorials. So let me know what you need to know! 



  1. I love this inspirational photo! And thanks for the how-to! -Jessica


  2. I'm so excited to see your second Gimp tutorial! I found the first one so useful- really looking forward to the others. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom :-)