Record Tuesday: Whispertown 2000

Restless by The Whispertown 2000 on Grooveshark
Restless by Whispertown 2000

This song is one of my all time favorite songs. Not just because it's way good. But it's sentimental. Basically this song reminds me of the good ole days when my besties Kait, Andy, Courtney, and I were all here in Texas dreaming, picnicking, beaching, dancing, eating, talking, sleeping, crafting, adventuring... together. This is one of our songs. Yesterday I talked with Kaity and tomorrow I am hanging out with Andy (who's in town!) I can't wait for us to all be together again. Isn't it funny how you crave the future and getting away from home and doing something then when you finally get there all you want is to be back where you were before with those people who mean the world to you. 

Also. I had this dream of becoming a musician. I have since given up on that dream, partly because I have new dreams now. Well I haven't exactly given up on it... you know what I mean... It's not an active dream anymore. It's more like a hobby. I started recording music on my little macbook three years ago for fun. My recordings weren't that good because I didn't have a mic, so I just used the internal microphone on my laptop. Basically my recordings are the epitome of crappy,  but I still love them. So a couple years ago Courtney and I decided to do a recording of this song for Kaitlyn's birthday. You can have a listen if you'd like. 

Restless by Courli on Grooveshark
Restless for Kaitlyn by Courtney & Carli

I am thinking about sharing some more of my recordings just for fun. I have been listening to them over and over today. Mostly picking them apart with criticism, but also cherishing the memories. 



  1. their music is SO beautiful. they did a daytrotter session AWHILE (like probably 4+ years ago) back that you should check out!

    1. Oooh! I will totally go and check that out! Their music is so amazing! They have such a unique sound.