Road Trip: Wildflowers

This is the last installment of the Road Trip series (for now). Next time I embark on a road trip I will probably blog about it too, unless you don't want me to. These past couple of weeks I have been trying to get all my road trip posts out there and frankly, I was getting a little tired of posting them. I think that the reason I got tired of posting them was because I am starting a new blog series that requires the ending of my road trip posts. So today is the end of the Road Trip and the start of Texas Love!

Isn't it funny how you don't appreciate anything until it's gone? Most Texans are very prideful of their state. Maybe you know this already because you have been told off by an overzealous Texan, but I have gotten into some friendly and almost not so friendly arguments about how much better Texas is than Utah, and other states. I knew that I would miss my family and friends and of course my favorite restaurants but I didn't ever expect how much I would miss the state of Texas. So I decided that this summer I am going to take advantage of Texas and try my best to appreciate and love the little time I will be spending here. So for the summer expect pictures, adventure stories, and much more straight from Texas.

These are the things I love about Texas.

Living in Corpus Christi, it takes a day to get out of Texas in any direction but South (Mexico is a couple hours away) and I guess East (by boat which I don't have). The drive is almost always daunting. I feel like we spend more time driving out of Texas then we do driving anywhere else on a trip. On our way back from Utah we finally hit the Texas border and I let out a "Hooray!". I then realized that I still had 10 hours to go. Living in the second largest state in the U.S. is a curse and a blessing... The point is that I was very tired and very discouraged... Then I saw the wild flowers. In Texas there are almost always wildflowers growing on the side of the highway in the spring and summer. Anything from Blue Bonnets (state flower) to Indian Paintbrushes. My dad and I had to stop. Looking out the window and seeing these little flowers paint the side of the highway made the drive a little less brutal.



  1. Wow. How gorgeous and awesome are these flowers? I may be biased though - I'm a sucker for wild flowers along side a long road. :)
    lovely blog you have :)

    xo, Samantha

    1. Thanks! and your blog is lovely as well!